Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you ship to international address?

Currently, we only ship within India.

  1. Who will bear the Return items costs?

Usually return costs are borne by the seller or the end customer. We follow the same.

  1. Who will bear the delivery cost?

We provide Free Shipping across India for selected plans and rest will charge as standard shipping rates, if it is COD, you need to pay Rs.50 or 2.5% extra.

  1. Does Showmeify provide COD or Prepay only?

Yes, we provide COD services to your customers. However, please be noted that we accept only pre-pay orders from you.

That is, if you get an order at COD, you’ll place order with Showmeify in prepaid. We’ll deliver it in COD (at the retail price you sold) to your buyer and settle the entire amount to you once received from the courier company. There would not be any deductions.

  1. How long does it take to receive COD Settlements?

It can take upto 20 days to settle your COD orders. This is an industry norm for COD settlements.

  1. Incorrect Address

If the address provided by you for delivery is found to be incorrect, and if an address correction is requested, there will be no changes after the order is shipped.

  1. Can I change the delivery date for my order?

You can only change the delivery date of your shipment in case it is undelivered due to some reason. Also, it cannot be assured if the delivery will be made on the requested date.

  1. How to reduce RTO in shipping?
  2. Contact Information – Please make sure you fill the correct and complete address with landmark while filling the customer’s address. The same goes for his/her contact number.
  3. Fake Orders – You can easily detect fake orders by identifying the contact details provided by the buyers. It could be a fake phone number, strange address, or even an email address. The key here is to stay alert against frauds.
  4. NDR – Take action on NDR in time.
  5. What happens when the shipment is lost in-transit?

When the shipment is lost in-transit, you can drop an email at [email protected], we will ship a new order to your customer once we receive a confirmation from our courier partner.

  1. Your customer hasn’t received his product/shipment/order. What should you do?

The distribution center of our products is in Mumbai. Once the order is confirmed and paid, the next day we initiate the order for dispatch process. However, the handling time for an order would be 3-5 working days. Showmeify is working with multiple carrier partners to make sure that your customer receives their item safely and speedy. After dispatch, it may take maximum 7-10 days for delivery of order depending on customer’s postcode.

In case your customer has still not received the order within the above-mentioned time, it may be due to incorrect address/phone number or other reasons. We request you to kindly verify the customer details with us.

  1. What do you mean by the expected delivery date in the tracking link?

The expected delivery date is the tentative date by which your order will reach your customer’s doorstep.

  1. What does undelivered 1st attempt mean in shipping and what action should I take on it?

When the order is out for delivery for the first time and is not delivered to the customer for any of the reasons below, it is marked as undelivered 1st attempt. In such cases, the customer receives a mail with the re-attempt link in which they must take action by selecting the date for re-attempt. If the customer fails to take any action, our team shall make a request for re-attempt.

Reasons for undelivered shipment:

  • Customer not contactable
  • Incomplete address
  • COD amount not ready
  • Future delivery requested by the customer
  • Customer refused delivery
  • Door/premises/office closed

Note – No. of attempts made by different courier companies vary. Few make 3 attempts before the order is marked RTO and few are marked RTO after the 1st attempt.

  1. What action do I take on the undelivered orders?

When the order status is undelivered 1st attempt, reach out to your customer to know if he/she has received any call from the courier executive or was a delivery attempt made. We require a call recording or a screenshot of the conversation you have with your customer to escalate the order for delivery. On failing to provide any call recording or screenshot, we cannot assure if an action will be taken on the shipment.

  1. What if the customer is not available at the location at the time of delivery?

If your customer is not available at the time of delivery, the courier partner will make a second attempt on the next business day, and a third attempt on the following business day, if necessary.

  1. What is RTO? What are the possible reasons behind RTO?

Your shipment Is updated as RTO (Return to Origin) initiated when the courier executive couldn’t deliver your shipment to the end buyer. In this case, they mark the shipment RTO and sent it back to the original pickup address.

  1. What is RTO Initiated and Delivered?

RTO Orders are those orders that were marked undelivered due to some reason and have now been returned to the origin or the shipper’s address.